Team Aqua Zanzibar – Diving Center PADI


Our headquarters Nungwi is the ideal starting point to reach the best dive sites of the island. We can easily visit over 30 dive sites for divers of all levels. Our experience and familiarity with the waters of Zanzibar will ensure you wonderful dives safely.
Included Night Dive! We also offer snorkeling excursions to Tumbatu and Mnemba and a wide range of PADI courses, from Open Water to Dive master, including courses for children (minimum age 8 years)


Tours of spices

1349168395103Excursions tours of spices from the hotel and crossing the island by car will reach the ancient baths of the Sultan, where his concubines were accustomed to bathe and relax. After the visit the journey continues to the fruit plantations and spices, where we can find more than one hundred varieties; you will learn all about spices and discover why Zanzibar is known as the “spice island”

The Jozani Forest

jozaniThis excursion will take you to see the monkeys at Jozani, red colobus monkeys. You can really watch them closely, these monkeys are very playful. Guests have also the opportunity to visit the mangroves and medicinal forest. N.B. The tour lasts half a day.


stone-town-market-streetVisit the city of Zanzibar is an island full of mystery and charm, not to mention the warm welcome of its inhabitants. Visit the city (Stone Town) and discover the true culture of Zanzibar. Departure from the hotel at 8:30am, arriving in Stone Town around 10:00am.You will visit the House of Wonders, the Sultan’s Palace, the oldest museum, the old market where you can buy all kinds of fruit from the delicious taste, the Cathedral and the Old Dispensary. Walking through the narrow alleys of Zanzibar, appreciated the hospitality of its inhabitants and smell of aroma, coffee and spices around you.

Back to the hotel at 14.00hrs.

Prison Island

zanzibar-bridge-prison-islandDeparture from the hotel at 8.30 am from the Forodhani garden, where you will board the Prison Island. On this Island you will see turtles with more than 200 years and you can visit the Prison where the prisoners were sent, but that is no longer used as a prison.

Afterwards the boat will take you back to Zanzibar and get the car to drop you off at the hotel around 14.00.

Visit to the dolphins

Delfini Natural KendwaOur guide will take you to Kizimkazi along way to the south west coast of Zanzibar. You will arrive in a fishing village, where we will take a short explanation meeting about the behavior of several dolphins, soon after you will get in the small local boats to reach the point where there are large families of dolphins where you will have the opportunity to play and swim with them. The unique experience which is really unforgettable.

Safari Blue

safari blu KendwaYou will leave from the hotel beach, stepping onto local boat (Ngalawa) to sail towards Kae.

On the beach, waiting for you, a local aperitif (Madafu) followed by a tasty barbecue made with seafood such as lobster and shrimp. In addition, depending on the tides, you can enjoy a short boat trip among mangrove-rich channels, where you can snap different species of birds. Guests can alternatively relax on the beach and enjoy the sun or read a book. A delicious moment of relaxation, enjoying the sound of the surf and entertainment enchanting the sun set. You will admire and enjoy the sunset while traveling on boarding a local boat (Ngalawa) and you will be accompanied to the floating restaurant. Upon your arrival, you will be offered the local drink (Madafu) to be followed by dinner of lobsters and seafood.